VEKA Profiles

Veka-Lead the world with Quality Windows and Doors

When it comes to quality window and door system, no one does it better than VEKA. Since 1969, VEKA has been adorning the world in perfect UPVC window and Door profile systems. Today, as the world’s leading producer, VEKA’s quest in providing excellent profiles and services continue unabated.  Well represented all over the world, with manufacturing facilities in Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Poland, the USA, China, Russia, Mexico, and Malaysia, Veka have more than 3,000 fabricating partners strategically located on all continents, supported by a worldwide network of sales and technical support offices. The unparalleled success and rise of VEKA can be attributed to three fundamental strengths: technological advantage, international know-how, and uncompromising quality assur-ance and improvement. VEKA  also pride themselves in offering more than 1,500 window and door profile systems to meet any functional and aesthetic requirements of any country.


Decisive features of VEKA Systems

1. Stable quality frame, beautifully designed
2. Multiple chamber construction with excellent noise, high and low temperature insulation.
3. Multiple sealings to prevent drafts.
4. High-quality material, extreamly resistant to chemical corrosion, weathering and ageing.
5. No paint coating will ever be required.
6. Pleasantly smooth and easy-care frame surface.
7. Highly burglarproof looking gear espagnolette.
8. All main frames have galvanized steel reinforcements maximum stability.
9. Drainage via separate chambers
10. Multiple sealing gasket


VEKA Upvc Profiles – The Art of Framing Quality Benefits

If the elegant appearance of VEKA’s SOFTLINE and VS windows and Doors have impressed you, perhaps you would like to know more about what distinguishes VEKA above others Before you rush excitedly into a decision, take some time to discover the core material of VEKA’s Upvc window and Door systems-the material for this Millennium.
Raw materials, section materials and window properties undergo rigorous control at the VEKA Central Testing Laboratories. Not only that, VEKA systems are backed by quality certificates awarded by leading international instituted. Being and authorized specialist enterprise, we manufacture VEKA windows and doors using computer-controlled precision machinery in strict compliance with the guidelines  laid down by the system provider. In addition, our qualified production and assembly personnel ensures that your order is executed with utmost care.
VEKA ranks world-wide as a manufacturer of synthetic window systems and draws on trend-setting production technologies as applied to raw material processing and section production. This contributes to the extremely long service-life distinguishing these quality products. Should they, VEKA responds, in conjunction with a large qroup of specialist  enterprises, in taking the products back for optimum re-utillisation at the company’s own recycling plant.


UPVC-Superior Material for Supreme Performance.

Upvc is an exceptional raw material. It is economical, highly durable and ecologically friendy. With the right combination of ingredients like stabilizer, pigments and fillers, the optimal quality Upvc is manufactured. Such fine modern window and door systems are for supeior than any aluminum, steel, and timber systems, It eliminate the possibility of air, water and sound Ieakages with its twin sealing gaskets, They also hold up beautifully to atmospheric corrosion, weathering erosion and discoloration. And with their multi-chamber technology, they offer superior thermal insulation for more efficient cooling or heating of room, not to mention, their enhanced security capabilities.